High strength structural steels in the event of fire - material properties for simplified and general calculation methods (HighssFire)


Fire hazards represent one of the most important threats to the built environment with significant economic consequences for society and most dangerous threats to life. According to the mortality valuation of the WHO, fire causes the highest death toll of all types of damage to building structures. Fire engineering is the key discipline to improve fire safety in the building environment in a cost-effective manner. Comprehensive knowledge of the material behavior in case of fire is the requirement for a thorough understanding and a realistic modeling of the load-bearing behavior of structures.

High strength steels are increasingly being used in construction. Because of their good strength-to-weight ratio, they can contribute to resource and energy efficiency. Particularly in multi-story and industrial buildings, arenas and high-rise buildings the use of components made of high strength steel is appealing. A striking obstacle to the use of high strength steels in such buildings with existing fire protection requirements is a lack of knowledge regarding the material behavior and the behavior of structures made from them during and after a fire.

In the context of the research project scientifically and technically suitable approaches for the constitutive description will be made using suitable theoretical and experimental studies of the material behavior of high strength structural steels. Proposals for their practical engineering and normative implementation will be developed and tools for an efficient protection-oriented fire assessment will be provided. The results of the research project will enable the use of high strength steels for buildings with fire protection requirements possible.

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Sara Uszball

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  • Dillinger
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01.01.2021 to 30.06.2023