Up-to-date static calculations are carried out with the help of computer programs. The Department of Steel, Lightweight and Composite Structures uses computer programs specifically in teaching. This promotes understanding and skills and enables, among other things, to be able to convey the topics in a condensed manner.

THe RUBSTAHL-teaching and learning programs  for study and further education thus contribute to a high quality of teaching and serve to achieve the following goals:

  • Practical lectures and exercises
  • Use of modern verification methods
  • Learning difficult solution algorithms
  • Understanding of computer-aided calculation methods
  • Simplification of the numerical calculation
  • Aids for study and project work
  • Preparation for practical structural design calculations
  • Implementation of current research results
  • Basis for bachelor and master theses

The programs are continuously developed by us, we are very pleased about a donation to the account of our research company:

Forschungsgesellschaft Konstruktiver Ingenieurbau e.V.
Volksbank Bochum eG.
| BIC: GENODEM1BOC | IBAN: DE16430601290204999100

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We would be happy to send you a donation receipt.

Terms of Use

The programs provided are teaching and learning programs. They were developed at the Chair for Steel, Lightweight and Composite Structures and have been carefully checked. The programs are provided free of charge for learning and training purposes. No liability is assumed, the use of the programs is at the user's own risk.

  I have read the terms of use listed above and I agree to these conditions!

Overview of the RUBSTAHL programs