Advanced Modeling of Time- and Rate-dependent Effects on Steel Structures in Fire


In this project, an in-depth investigation of the time and rate-dependent material properties of steel is carried out. This includes the study of creep and relaxation effects on the performance of high strength steels exposed to elevated temperatures. The importance of creep and relaxation in steel structures exposed to bending, tensile and compressive forces as well as the stability behavior is examined. The key points of the research project are the implementation of experimental investigations and numerical simulations for the analysis of temperature and deformation dependencies as well as the development of empirical creep and relaxation models which can be implemented in practice.

Key publications

Faghihi, F., Numanović, M., & Knobloch, M. (2023). The effect of thermal creep on the fire resistance of steel columns. Fire Safety Journal, 137, Article 103750.

Contact person

Mehmed Numanovic