Innovative concrete filled-steel tube composite columns under seismic loads (SeismicColumns)


The majority of megacities will develop over the next 30 years along the Pacific Ring of Fire, a region of high seismic activity. However, building structures have always been exposed to earthquakes not only in the countries bordering the Pacific. There are also distortions in Central Europe and Germany where recurring damaging earthquakes occur. Overall, a significant part of Germany and neighboring countries are at risk of earthquakes, which in combination with building density, can lead to a risk for users, owners and reinsurers.

Concrete-filled steel tube columns with solid steel core (CFST-SC) and concrete-filled double steel tube columns (CFDST) with high-performance construction materials (nominal yield strength of structural steel up to 1000 MPa and concrete strength up to 115 MPa) are innovative prefabricated composite components with excellent load-bearing capacity, architecturally slim design options and fast construction processes. The results of the predecessor AiF/FOSTA research project P1287 Concrete-filled steel tube columns in high-rise buildings –
Innovation and Design
(IGF No. 19677N) showed that these innovative cross-sections made of high-performance materials offer a practical and competitive solution for modern storey and industrial buildings with demanding requirements in terms of load-carrying capacities and also high fire protection. These modern composite cross-sections made of high-performance materials are predestined for seismic applications and also represent an extremely economical solution, as they show a high deformation capacity as well as a good energy dissipation capacity and thus have advantages over alternative structural concepts, e.g. high-strength reinforced concrete columns, in the case of cyclic loading.

Without well-founded, experimentally verified knowledge on the behavior of concrete-filled composite columns with higher-strength material strengths and adjustment profiles, the application range of the columns in high-rise, multi-storey and industrial buildings in seismically low, moderately and highly active regions, in particular for buildings with medium to high protection targets, is not applicable.

Within the framework of the currently running FOSTA research project P 1628 "Innovative composite columns under seismic loads", the performance of structures using the concrete-filled composite columns (with and without adjustment profile) presented here with the use of high-performance materials under seismic loads is investigated both experimentally (at the component level) and numerically (at the component level and on the overall structure).

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Przemyslaw Schurgacz

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01.03.2022 to 31.08.2024