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Seminar ,,NPS®-Composite Structures"

On 30.01.2023 our Chair hosted a hybrid Seminar on the innovative NPS Composite Constructions by Tecnostrutture.

Excursion to the Leverkusen Rhine Bridge

Our master students took part in the excursion hosted by SEH Engineering GmbH to the to the construction site of the new Leverkusen Rhine Bridge.


On 30.01.2023 our Chair welcomed Dr.-Ing. Andreas Pürgstaller and Ms. Giulia Daniele to present at a hybrid Seminar on the innovative NPS Composite Constructions by Tecnostrutture.


We are pleased to share that the proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Composite Construction in Steel and Concrete (CCIX) is now published open access via ce/papers by Ernst & Sohn.

Rubin Beitrag

Mehmed Numanović was part of the latest publication of the science magazine Rubin, where he shared details of his research on steel-concrete composite girders in fire.

IFireSS 2023

At the International Fire Safety Symposium our Chair has been represented by Mehmed Numanović, Sara Uszball and Professor Markus Knobloch with two contributions.

Eurosteel Conference 2023

From 12-14. September our Chair participated and contributed in the Eurosteel conference with 7 presentations and 9 papers.

Dissertation defence

Our Chair congratulates Lukas Schaper, who successfully defended his dissertation on November 10, 2023. We wish you continuous success in the future!